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Journeys of Hope
01/07/2016: Journeys of Hope

On World Refugee Day 2016 JRS, aditus foundation, Integra Foundation and the Malta Emigrants’ Commission underline the need to allow refugees safe and legal access to protection. To highlight the urge...
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Women in Institutions: Empowerment and Community Mobilisation
27/06/2016: Women in Institutions: Empowerment and Community Mobilisation

On Wednesday 22nd June, JRS organized a training conference entitled: Women in Institutions: Empowerment and Community Mobilisation. This training was part of a project entitled Stronger Together.
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World Refugee Day 2016: Open Minds, Unlock Potential
20/06/2016: World Refugee Day 2016: Open Minds, Unlock Potential

This World Refugee Day, the Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) urges you to remember we must not only provide refugees with a safe place to stay, but with opportunities to grow and contribute to society. To...
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Bridges not walls
12/05/2016: Bridges not walls

“Companions” - our new quarterly newsletter - is meant to be yet another way of bringing together all those who are willing to walk alongside us on this journey of accompaniment, which is one of the p...
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The Jesuit Refugee Service in Malta seeks to accompany, serve and defend the rights of asylum seekers and forcibly displaced persons who arrive in Malta. Each arrival's story bears witness to traumatised, disrupted pasts but also to a remarkable will to survive against all odds.
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Useful information

ThereThere's no place like home

For the past eleven years, the school outreach programme has been a vital part of JRS Malta’s awareness raising activities. During the scholastic year 2015-2016 we managed to reach out to more than 3,...
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Our founderOur founder

Fr. Pedro Arrupe founded the Jesuit Refugee Service on the 14th of November 1980, in response to the human tragedy of refugees.
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The Message

Serve, accompany, advocate: the three words are the programme of work for Jesuits and their collaborators. Serve To serve means to welcome people who arrive here with care; it means to bend down to one in need and to extend your hand to him, wi...
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