Dar Manwel Magri Youth Ministry Project

My dear friends,

As you know, I have served as the Chaplain for the students of the University of Malta since 2008. The Jesuits in our community would like to enhance and strengthen our youth ministry. The premises at the Chaplaincy, in which we can conduct our daily pastoral ministry and plan our many events are rather restricted. The current premises also serve as a "drop in" center for students to study, meet and engage in spiritual discussions.


We wish to reconstruct an area in our residence next door to the University (Dar Manwel Magri), as well as create a welcoming entrance, that will allow us to far better serve the students in this ministry. We would dedicate this area completely to the use of all those students who are constantly searching for some point of reference or belonging. We will not only be able to fully meet the needs of our current students but will be able to have a solid, creative programme for years ahead.

We estimate that the cost of the construction will be approximately 250,000 Euro. This is a significant sum but certainly not unattainable. The Jesuits are investing 50,000 Euro for the construction. Therefore, we will still need 200,000 Euro to see this needed project become a reality. Permits have already been approved and work will shortly begin. We hope to see this project through by the end of June 2017. 

I would ask you to consider being a benefactor of this effort according to your ability, whether large or small. I also ask that you forward this request or discuss this request with anyone you know that may be willing to help us.

I ask this on behalf of the students, who greatly benefit from our Chaplaincy program. It not only gives them an opportunity to be more grounded in their faith, it is also an opportunity for the promotion of vocations to the Society and the Church.

Thank you for considering this. As always we promise to remember you in our Masses and Prayers.

In Christ,
Fr. Michael Bugeja, SJ

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Fr Michael Bugeja - DMM Youth Project
Dar P. Manwel Magri 
Msida MSD 2020, MALTA

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