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Formation News from Michael Debono SJ
04/10/2013: Formation News from Michael Debono SJ

Michael writes about his experience at this year's annual meeting for European Jesuits In Formation.
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Vocations Sunday
21/04/2013: Vocations Sunday

Join us in prayer for new vocations worldwide and for all the generous young men who have joined the Jesuit order
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A church that is alive
23/01/2013: A church that is alive

Jesuit scholastic Michael Debono relates his experience with 'Pietre Vive' and young people in Rome
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Poverty, chastity and obedience
14/12/2012: Poverty, chastity and obedience

and what led Michael Debono SJ take the vows
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If you are searching to discover your vocation and feel drawn to our way of life, then these pages are for you. As Vocations Promotions Team, we've tried to answer your most basic questions about Jesuit vocations. Feel free to contact us - we will support you without being intrusive so that you may explore how God may be inviting you to live and give.


On Jesuit VocationsOn Jesuit Vocations

Superior General Adolfo Nicolas SJ
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The Message

My advice to any young person who wishes to become a Jesuit is this: “Don’t join us if you don’t love the Church as your own mother. Don’t join us if you imagine that thereby you will be doing a favour to the Society of...
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