Apostleship of Prayer

The Apostleship of Prayer proposes a way of growing in relationship with the Lord in the ordinary circumstances of daily life. Those Christians who become aware of God’s immense goodness are encouraged to respond to the Lord by consecrating themselves and their families to the Pierced Heart of Jesus. This consecration is then renewed every morning by the Daily Offering of oneself in union with Christ’s Offering to the Father in the Holy Eucharist. This union with the Lord in everyday life also aims to foster the desire to feel with the Church by praying with Mary, the Mother of the Lord, for the universal and local challenges of the Church – as expressed by the monthly Intentions of the Pope and our Bishops.

In this website you will find, both in English and in Maltese, some information on the history and spirituality of this worldwide organization, as well as prayerful insights into the devotion to the Pierced Heart of Jesus and the Daily Offering. There is also a variety of material on the Pope’s Intentions to be used in personal and family prayer, in parishes and in schools.

May this rich spirituality be a stepping-stone for you to become more intimate with the Lord. May it also attract you to look for deeper spiritual endeavors, such as the Ignatian Retreat so as to be more involved in the concerns of the Church.

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