The message from Fr Pedro Arrupe SJ

My advice to any young person who wishes to become a Jesuit is this:

“Don’t join us if you don’t love the Church as your own mother.  Don’t join us if you imagine that thereby you will be doing a favour to the Society of Jesus.  Come and join us if, for you, serving Christ is at the core of your life.  Join us if you possess broad shoulders, a free spirit, an open and prudent mind, and a heart bigger than the world.  Join us if you have a sense of humour and you know how to share a joke…..and if, on certain occasions, you are also able to laugh at yourself”.

Pedro Arrupe SJ

 The set of 5 videos below, produced by the Georgetown University, tells the story of the life of Pedro Arrupe SJ, Jesuit Superior General 1965-1983 - a man who embodied what it means to be a Jesuit today.

It is a video in 5 Parts - you may choose to advance to the next Part at the end of each section by selecting 'Pedro Arrupe 2 of 5 | Pedro Arrupe 3 of 5 |  Pedro Arrupe 4 of 5 |  Pedro Arrupe 5 of 5 )

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