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Birkirkara - St Aloysius College

The house adjoining the main College building is the residence of the Jesuits community assigned to the College educational apostolate. 

Fr Jimmy Bartolo, the Rector of the College (comprising the Sixth Form, the Secondary and the Primary sections), the community comprises Fr Edgar Busuttil, the superior; Fr David Cefai who besides having been teaching religion for over 20 years is kept well occupied by those many seeking his spiritual advice; Br Salvu Mifsud, the house minister responsible for the physical maintenance of the house but works mainly with JRS (Jesuit Refugee Service); Fr Ray Pace the National Director of the Apostle of Prayer who is also engaged in the apostolic ministry with students and their parents; Fr Robert Soler, writer, who assists in the secondary School Chaplaincy and is Pastoral Minister besides also directing many retreats; and Fr Alfred Xuereb, who after an absence of over 20 year, doing pastoral work in England returned to St Aloysius College and is now present to the service of the community, the students and the English speaking community (Holy Mass times).

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Floriana - Sarria House

Situated just outside Valletta and easily accessible by all buses, Sarria includes a small residence and a  church (Holy Mass times). The community there is an open pastoral one, willing to welcome and help all those who call for help or support. 

At present it is made up of five members, led by the Superior Fr Joe Borg who had been a missionary for many years in North East India, but is now heavily involved in pastoral work of spiritual direction and inner healing with many persons and groups. 

This community boasts our oldest Jesuit, Fr Joseph Orr, who at 97 is still the very active director of the Adult Friendship Groups.  Another former missionary, Fr Robbie Wirth, is engaged in pastoral work at the Sarria church and also keeps contact with our benefactors. Fr Herbert Friggieri is a pastoral minister at Christ the King Parish, Paola. Fr Anthony Micallef, after having been a missionary in India for over 30 years is now a Promoter of the Benefactor’s Association and is in charge of the distribution of R et M2000-Lil Ħbiebna.

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Mosta - Mount St Joseph Retreat House

More than half of the actual community at Mount St Joseph are experienced retreat givers, and this ensures that the house conserves its identity as a retreat house. 

Fr Lino Spiteri, the Superior, an experienced director and administrator of retreat houses, returned to Mount St Joseph after an absence of more than 20 years doing restructuring work in various houses of the Society in Malta and Gozo.. He is also a pastoral minister and helps Fr Joseph Orr with his Friendship Groups.

Fr Paul Deguara is the indefatigable pastoral minister, answering to every call for help.  He is also the Administrator of the church of St Ignatius at St Julians.

Fr Joseph Buhagiar Bianco, a former lecturer for many years at the University College at Beirut, Lebanon, is now a member of the Malta Diocesan Commission for Dialogue, assists the Province Archivist, and is a Pastoral Minister.

Fr Konrad Grech, lectures at the University and is Head of the Department of Church History and Patrology, Judge of the Metropolitan Eccles. Tribunal and Coordinator for the Causes of Saints. 

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Msida - Dar Manwel Magri

This house, constructed in the early 1970s just outside of the then newly built University of Malta, serves as the Jesuit presence in the university world.

The Community includes:

Fr Michael Bugeja, the acting superior. He is the present University chaplain. 

Fr Patrick Magro, the Provincial of the Jesuits in Malta.

Fr Christopher Vella, currently the director of the Centre for Ignatian Spirituality.

Fr Arthur Vella, also a former Provincial and lecturer at the University of Malta is kept busy by many priests and layfolk who seek spiritual direction and pastoral counseling.

Fr Paul Pace, another  former Provincial and present lecturer at the University of Malta.

Fr Dieudonné Kapita, is a Jesuit from the Democratic Republic of Congo, currently working at Jesuit Refugee Service.

With all these, the community welcomes a Italian Jesuit scholastic Marco Piaia who is doing his regency helping the University Chaplain.

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Naxxar - Loyola House

Naxxar - Loyola House

This is by far the largest Jesuit community in Malta with over 28 members.  It hosts the Provincial's offices, and is the place where our sick and aged Jesuits are cared for in the province infirmary.  It boasts a very warm community atmosphere, characterised by fraternal care and a slower rhythm of activity.

The rhythm is certainly not slow for Fr Paul Zammit, the Superior, Br Frank Borg the house minister,  Br Tommy Scerri the Infirmarian and Fr George Camilleri the Infirmary Administrator.

The community includes former missionaries in India, such as Fr Larry Caruana (the Mission Procurator), Fr John Scicluna (the Provincial’s Socius, Judge Regional Eccles. Tribunal and Pastoral Minister), and Br Paul Spiteri; others from Africa or South America such as Fr George German (92 years of age) and Fr Salvu Sammut (very active in Pastoral Ministry).

Other veterans hail from closer home, such as Fr Anton Azzopardi, former Rector of St Aloysius College and of the Gozo seminary, and who in his late 80s still publishes books. Fr Lino Cardona the House Treasurer and Librarian and the Religious Coordinator at the Dar tal Providenza, Siġġiewi. Fr Louis Casha also in his mid 80s still renders much valuable service as a Pastoral Minister and an Assistant Librarian at St Aloysius’ College. Fr Victor Degabriele, a Pastoral Minister and Spiritual Counsellor for the Charismatic Group. Fr Anthony Galea, chaplain at the Holy Family Home and Presbyter of Neo Catechumenate. Fr John Scerri who again in his 80s is a very active Pastoral Minister.  Fr Lawrence Gellel in his 90s is always available for extra pastoral work.

Then there are other retired or semi-retired brothers and priests who give a contemplative flavour to the atmosphere, spending long hours of prayer in their rooms or in the community chapel.  The elderly are always happy when they welcome youths in the Montserrat Vocations' & Youth Ministry Hosting Centre, an annex of Loyola House, and the feeling is invariably mutual.

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Victoria (Gozo) - Manresa House

This 19th century retreat house (construction of the House commenced in 1810) was entrusted to the Jesuits by the Gozo Diocese in 1953, and its community has seen many changes throughout the years.

At present it is made up of four Jesuits: Fr Anthony Cilia, who had been for decades identified with post secondary education at SAC, is now the Superior and director of this retreat house and the adjoining chapel (Holy Mass times).

Fr Alfred Micallef, a lecturer in psychology at the University and the Province Financial Administrator. 

Br Joe Vella, is the house minister responsible for the material upkeep of the house, no mean task in a house used by approximately four thousand persons each year.

People visiting Manresa  House  would certainly ask for Br Emmanuel Teuma who had been assigned to the House, without ever being changed, for these fifty years but who in July 2013 was transferred to Loyola House Naxxar owing to health reasons.

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Zejtun - Dar Pedro Arrupe

This is our ‘insertion’ community, and the only Jesuit community in the southern part of Malta.  Opened in 1989 the small house is situated in a picturesque alley in the Raħal t'isfel of the town of Zejtun.

The small community comprises Jesuits involved mainly, but not exclusively, in the social apostolate.  Fr Vincent Magri, the Superior, is also the director of the Paulo Freire Institute at Zejtun which runs literacy classes and informal education programmes for the community, and he is also a member of the Diocesan Commission for the family as well as being the newly appointed Ecclesiastical Assistant of the C.L.C. 

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