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KIDANE. A Story of Hope

During the academic year 2011-2012 JRS launched a project called “The Art of Storytelling”.

Partly funded by the Malta Council for Culture and the Arts, the project aimed to promote a deeper understanding of the refugee experience among primary school children through the use of various art forms. In fact, as part of the project, a 45 page book was published telling the story of an Eritrean who found refuge in Malta. KIDANE – A Story of Hope, was drafted by renowned children’s author Clare Azzopardi in collaboration with Goitom Yosief, whilst Marisa Attard contributed all the illustrations included in the book. 10,000 copies in Maltese and 2000 copies in English were published. The book has won first prize in the National Book Award, 2013 children’s category.

Download KIDANE in English

Download KIDANE in Maltese

Teacher's Resource Pack

This resource pack is intended to help primary and early secondary school teachers facilitate the syllabus in various learning areas such as Languages, Science, Religious Education, Citizenship Education and Art Education as proposed in the National Curriculum Framework (NCF). It is hoped that through the resources and lesson plans included in the pack, teachers will be able to encourage empathy towards people who are forced to flee their homes and become refugees. The pack has four major sections.
These are:
· Introductory section with background information about asylum, migration and the Maltese context;
· Preparation and follow-up activities for schools which take part in the school outreach programme;
· Lesson plans based on the book KIDANE – A Story of Hope;
· Religious Education;

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One of Us - Towards full integration of refugee children in schools - 2013

Promoting the Integration of Refugee Children in Maltese Schools through Awareness Raising, a project which was partly funded by the European Refugee Fund (2011) and the Children’s Foundation of the Malta Financial Services Authority, set out to obtain a deeper understanding of the experience of refugee children within local schools.

The aim of the project, implemented between July 2012 and June 2013, was to improve the overall integration of refugee children within the Maltese education system, by raising awareness of their experience and advocating for better support and a coherent set of national and well-monitored policies.

To this end, research was conducted with a view to gaining a deeper understanding of what refugee children, their families and their teachers are currently experiencing within the Maltese State school environment, as well as of what is being done to promote integration. One of us, which outlines the research findings, seeks to highlight good practice and specific areas of concern, and makes a number of recommendations for improvement. 

Download report.

Malta: Id-dar tieghi

A documentary produced as part of the ERF project:- Promoting the Integration of Refugee Children in Maltese Schools through awareness raising. With the support of Fondation Assistance Internationale (FAI).

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