Outreach in detention

Members of the JRS team conduct weekly outreach visits to the detention centre in Hal Safi. They spend time with the detainees to identify, with the help of cultural mediators who are part of the JRS team, the needs of migrants and ensure that they receive the protection and services they require.

The services provided during these visits include: information sessions about asylum and immigration matters addressed particularly to the newly-arrived, social work assessment and medical referrals. The JRS team also identifies vulnerable people who are referred to the Agency for the Welfare of Asylum Seekers for release from detention.  

JRS also suns a twice weekly drop-in service at its office in Birkirkara, where people can access services which range from information concerning their rights to access to medical and psychological support.

Mass being celebrated in the Msida Jesuit community chapel (Photograph: JRS Malta)

Pastoral outreach

Every Sunday, JRS organizes a roster of priests to say Mass for Christians held in detention. The pastoral team also holds bible study groups, distributes religious materials such as Bibles in different languages and organizes activities to mark significant liturgical activities like Christmas and Easter. Regular visits are also paid to Mount Carmel Hospital to accompany and support the persons present there.

Refugees in the community also benefit from pastoral service.Once every two weeks, members of the JRS pastoral team celebrate Mass for the Eritrean Catholic community in Floriana, in the Church of the Capuchin Fathers.Every week, the Eucharist is also celebrated in the community chapel of the Jesuits in Msida. A small but committed number of west Africans participate actively in the liturgy. The community welcomes regularly Maltese Christians who wish to celebrate with others their common faith. Mass is always followed by some light refreshments, during which the latest community members are welcomed and the latest community news is shared among all. Finally, a good number of people from this community have received or are preparing themselves to receive the sacraments of baptism and marriage.

School outreach

A very important part of our outreach effort takes place in schools. If you want to find out more about are school outreach programme, click here.



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