JRS Ecumenical Party

On December 29th, 2016, JRS Malta hosted an “Ecumenical Christmas Party” at St. Aloysius College in Birkirkara, inviting migrant families, office staff and their families, Jesuits, friends and benefactors to celebrate and welcome in the New Year.

 The turnout for this first ever event was great. Families came, with lots of children, from the Libyan, Somalian, Syrian, Eritrean, Sudanese and other African country communities. 

Many of the migrant families brought food from their culture, which was served by JRS staff and enjoyed by all.There were organized games for the many children in attendance including “Musical chairs” and “Pass the Parcel”.

It seemed the parents enjoyed watching these games as much as the children did playing them. It was a very fun and enjoyable evening and a great way for us all to share in the joys and blessings of Christmas.

Games with the children 

Food is served

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