NGOs Submission of Feedback towards Public Consultation on Census of Population and Housing 2021

Submission of Feedback towards Public Consultation on Census of Population and Housing 2021

31st May 2020


We are delighted to note that the upcoming 2021 edition of the Census of Population and Housing, spearheaded by the National Statistics Office, will be giving particular focus to social inclusivity. This commitment is reflected in its overarching theme ‘Everyone Matters’, a message which we heartily endorse as organisations which advocate for universal human rights and dignity.


Indeed, given the scale and importance of the National Census, and its aim to provide an accurate and comprehensive snapshot of the resident population of Malta at a given point in time, it is imperative that all efforts are made to capture correct and relevant data on all segments of the population, particularly individuals who are living on the margins of society and who might otherwise ‘fall through the net’ and fail to be accounted for. The collection of key statistics on the resident population of Malta is a fundamental tool in resource planning and service provision, ensuring that relevant authorities are able to adequately plan and account for the welfare and wellbeing of all. All decisions, particularly those taken at a national level, must be based on a true picture of the current resident population – one which faithfully reflects the diverse realities which are present in Malta today, and which is representative of all Maltese citizens and those people who have made Malta their home, regardless of their circumstances.


Following this premise, we strongly urge the authorities to ensure that the upcoming Census includes questions which capture the rich diversity which we come across regularly in Malta on a day-to-day basis in the course of our work. More specifically, we would like to propose that Census questions are included in order to gather statistical information on race and ethnicity, faith, and gender diversity in particular, in addition to the information already being gathered at present. While acknowledging the challenges inherent in doing so, particularly considering the potential complexity inherent within such an exercise, and the corresponding risk of being reductive and conflating race and ethnicity, it is crucial that first steps towards this end goal are taken if we are to live up to our shared belief that every single person in Malta, in all their humanity and diversity, truly matters.


As civil society actors and NGOs, we would like to express our willingness to further support and contribute towards this process, and in this regard we offer to lend our full cooperation in this much needed and long overdue venture.


This is endorsed by Jesuit Refugee Service Malta, Integra Foundation, aditus Foundation, and Spark 15.


Draft Questions


What is your race/ethnicity?

White - Maltese
White - European
White - Other
Asian - Maltese
Asian - Other
Black - Maltese
Black – Other
Arab – Maltese
Arab - Other
Hispanic or Latino
Other (Please Specify)
No response given


What is your religion?

Roman Catholicism

Other Christian denomination






Other (Please specify)

No religion

I believe in spirituality but am not of a particular religion.

No response given.






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